How to Comfort Your Dog During His Last Few Days

As dog owners, nothing is more important than knowing that your best pal is happy and comfortable during his last days in the world. However, dogs are experts at hiding their discomfort, illnesses and pain, which oftentimes result in old pets suffering more than we are aware of.

So what can you do to make sure that your pet’s last days are as comfortable as they can possibly be?

1. Visit a Veterinarian
This may not be fun for your pet, but seeing a veterinarian helps manage your dog’s condition better. Regardless of the reason, the first thing you should do when you start noticing something different in your dog is to see an expert. This ensures that he is not suffering needlessly.

2. Go All Out On Food
If the vet agrees that some human foods are okay for your dog, give your pup the most delicious food possible. As long as the vet is okay with it, let your dog have steamed rice, steak or any gourmet meals you can provide to your Fido. Let him enjoy his last few days by serving him with decadent meals every single day.

3. Pamper Your Dog
Indulge in all forms of dog pampering, especially anything that helps your dog relax. Pet him in parts of the body where he likes to be touched. You can even go an extra mile by doing things like taking your dog to a pet communicator to hear and understand what they are really feeling.

4. Inform Yourself on Pet Pain
As mentioned, pets can hide feelings of discomfort, pain and illnesses. This may be a boring subject to study, but remember that there are roughly around 60 different signs of pain in pets, which may vary in severity, from less obvious signs like tucking their tail, losing interest to favourite activities, and being unenthusiastic to being carried to more obvious signs like unusual moaning, panting, lack of appetite, and howling in pain.

5. Let the Children Get Involved
Older children can already understand illnesses, age and dying process. By allowing more participation from your children, you give them a chance to express their goodbyes. When visiting the vet, let your kids ask questions if they have any. Be honest about any of your decisions you are going to make about your dog’s treatments, including about euthanasia. This is an unfortunate event, but learning how to cope with sadness like this is a critical part of growing up.

For the time being, focus more on the comfort of your fury friend. Give your pet all the love and care he needs in order to remain calm and comfortable as possible.