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The History and Science of Foot Reflexology

One therapeutic approach to relieving pain is reflexology — which is performed by stimulating specific pressure points in the body. Hand and foot reflexology are among the most common forms of this method as there are maps of different pressure points located on the hands and feet, which reflexologists and other physical therapists work from.

These pressure points are directly linked with the body’s nervous system, actively affecting the glands and other body organs. There is an art behind reflexology; as renowned therapists must possess skilled hands. Specific approaches to reflexology therapy must be thoroughly followed to be able to manipulate the pressure points properly.

Reflexology can be then considered as a ‘touch’ therapy. With a mere application of pressure at specific locations within the hand or foot, any source of pain or potential frailty can be lifted away.

Early Beginnings

The origin of reflexology traces back to ancient times. Though not well-documented, there were early images found on a sixth dynasty Egyptian tomb dating back 2450 B.C. which depicts two men getting a massage on both their hands and feet. Since then, it is widely believed that the method began in Egypt before it was able to spread across the western world during the time of the Roman Empire conquests.

Other scholars were also able to establish findings linking reflexology back to ancient China, long before dynasties were established and plausibly as early as 3000 B.C; while others have traced it back to ancient Indian medicine of the Inca civilization. Because it is likely that the Inca people followed the theories of reflexology, they might have passed on the method to the Native Americans who eventually settled in the United States.

Today, hand and foot reflexology remains one of the most popular natural approaches to address common health problems like pain and fatigue. The practice has significantly grown all across the globe — from Brazil to Singapore, thanks to the help it offers in easing anxiety, reducing headaches, and enhancing one’s general wellbeing.

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of theories explaining why reflexology works wonders. Benefits of foot reflexology has brought about a positive impact on the whole therapeutic approach, hence is why more and more people opt to have a quick reflexology session at in Singapore over the weekend or after a long day at work to relieve them of their stress.

But perhaps the most famous explanation behind its effectivity is that it helps release stress, and by doing so it allows the body to heal and regenerate tissues and cells.

Reflexology and the Nervous System

From a research conducted in the 1890s, it has been found out that there is a relationship existing between the nerves of the skin and the other internal organs, of which enables the entire nervous system to adjust to any stimulus.

This scientific finding prompted the explanation as to how every application of pressure done by a reflexologist sends a calming sensation, in form of a message, from the extremities of the peripheral nerves to the nervous system. The body then adjusts to the tension levels. Not only does the practice allow the body to relax, but it also enhances the functioning of the internal organs and their respective systems to their prime.

Reducing Stress and Improves Mood

How reflexology is able to relieve the body of pain is also believed to be because of the gate control theory, which has been recently termed as the neutromatrix theory of pain. The theory explains that pain is nothing but an abstract figment produced by the brain, which is no more than just a subjective experience.

The brain is capable of working independently of any sensory input, hence is why things that influence how we think such as our mood or other external factors can affect how we experience pain. With this theory, it explains why reflexology is effective in reducing pain by getting rid of stress and improving our over-all mood.

Some foot reflexology centers often give the therapeutic experience a boost by tapping the help of external factors. Foot reflexology in Singapore, for instance, plays soothing music and fills the space with gentle, uplifting aroma to compliment the best therapeutic session of your life.

Keeping “Vital Energy” Flowing

Another explanation incorporates the presence of a “vital energy” in the body. If no efforts are made to relieve or address stress, it often results to a congestion of the energy — causing inefficiencies in the body and even a number of possible illnesses.

Reflexology, however, helps keep the vital energy flowing in various parts of the body. This is because a couple of benefits of foot reflexology include encouraging a healthier flow of blood as well as stimulating various nerves in the body.

Zone Theory

The practice of reflexology heavily relies on an idea that our bodies are divided into 10 vertical zones, with each zone spanning from your fingers and toes up to the top of your head. The concept of zones are somehow similar to that of the meridians in Chinese medicine, but not entirely the same.

Reflexology believes that every valve, muscle, or organ that is situated within a particular zone can be accessed by applying pressure on a particular area on the feet or hands. By doing so, it taps the pathways existing between different pressure points and other parts of the body as they are previously described in this article as connected via the body’s central nervous system.

Revitalizing your health doesn’t have to be difficult. With Foot reflexology in Singapore made available in a number of centers, you can reward your body with a reflexology session and reap off the many benefits it provides. Allow your stress to be lifted away and your muscles to feel unburdened to feel rejuvenated once again. Your body will thank you later, that’s for sure!

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Best Ways to Glam Up Your Plain, Boring Shirt

During the mornings when your alarm failed to work or you got stuck dreaming about your next vacation, all that you can do is rush to get to the door so you won’t be late for work or school. This situation leaves you with little time to mix and match your outfits, forcing you to go with the easiest clothing piece to wear – your good old T-shirt. Nonetheless, a plain shirt – no matter what colour – can still be turned into something fancy if you just apply the following tricks:

1. Accessorize With a Statement Necklace
By wearing an attractive necklace, you can already divert people’s attention from the monotony and plainness of your shirt. Just make sure that you choose a statement necklace that complements or matches the shirt you’re planning to wear.

2. Wear a Bold-Coloured Scarf
Other than wearing a statement necklace, you can also tie a bold-coloured scarf around your neck or let it drape over your shoulders. Whichever way you wear it, it’ll definitely add some glamour to your boring, plain shirt. Plus, a coloured and nicely patterned scarf can also help you feel warmer when it’s cold outside.

3. Sport a Nice Watch or Bracelets
Draw attention to your arms instead of your shirt by wearing your favourite watch or stacking up your bold-coloured bracelets. Wearing either of these pieces will give people the impression that you weren’t that lazy to just sport a shirt, since you still had enough time to accessorize your arm.

4. Put On a Cardigan or Blazer
Make your shirt appear more coordinated by covering it up with a cardigan or a blazer. This’ll help you add dimension to your shirt, while achieving a more formal look. If you want to make your ensemble appear less formal, opt for a patterned cardigan than a solid coloured one instead. But whatever you choose to wear, blazers and cardigans are a definite must-have to make your plain shirt seem less casual.

5. Apply a Bright Lipstick
Wearing a bright lipstick is another way of perking up your plain outfit. Just ensure that your chosen shade doesn’t clash with your shirt colour. Simply think of a bold brown or red lippie worn with a plain black shirt, or a dark pink shade worn with a plain white tee. Both these shades just scream “supermodel”.

Whichever way you choose to spruce up your shirt, what matter is how confident you are in wearing it. If you feel like questioning your outfit decision, then other people will likely question it too. So be confident and just own your good old shirt.

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Why You Should Add Morning Reading to Your Routine

Morning routines are gaining some popularity these days. We just love talking about how we start our day on the right foot, whether it’s by preparing a big breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee. Regardless of how you want your day to start, it’d certainly be beneficial for you to include reading a book in your morning routine. With that in mind, we listed down how reading in the morning gives your productivity a boost.

1. You’ll Enjoy a Real Break
Reading a book every morning allows you to have an actual break from all the office gossip, project deadlines and your other work stuff. After all, it’s undoubtedly relaxing to chill out as soon as you wake up. You can also think of it this way: what activity will help you relax? Is it scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and wondering why other people’s lives seem a lot better than yours? Or is it by picking a novel your friend is raving about? Well, the answer is quite obvious.

2. You’ll Become Inspired
If you start you day by reading a non-fiction book, then there’s a good chance that you’ll feel driven throughout the day – bonus points if you read something business-related or a book about your chosen industry. If you have a hectic schedule, simply set your alarm an hour earlier so you’ll have enough time to enjoy such an inspiring activity.

3. You Get to Meditate
It’s possible to meditate in various ways – even just sitting by yourself and focusing on something that doesn’t involve technology can be counted as a kind of meditation. Just think of reading as yoga for your mind, and see how it changes your entire day. Don’t feel guilty about doing this activity since you deserve to take some time off your day to chill out and calm down.

4. You’ll Have More Me-Time
Adding reading to your routine guarantees that you’ll have some me time even before the day really begins. Having more time for yourself can do wonders for your productivity since you will no longer resent your workload. You’ll feel like you already had enough rest and can get back to work with no problem at all.

5. You’ll Have Enough Time to Think
It’s quite easy to get lost in your thoughts during busy days. But if you practise reading every morning, you give yourself some real time to think. Yes, you’ll focus on the story, but your brain will definitely wander if you’ve got something on your mind. By the end of your reading sessions, you’ve already worked out your issues and you’re already prepared to face another productive day yet.

Apart from providing entertainment, reading also helps in improving your well-being and your outlook about work and life in general. So start a reading session now, and see how it’ll change your life for the better.

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