What are the Nutritional Benefits of Eating Rice?

Rice is primarily the staple food across many countries in Asia, including Singapore. It has been undoubtedly a popular feature of meals across the city-state. Singapore’s national dish, for instance, is Hainanese chicken rice. It is among the many cultures who consume rice several times a day. In these countries, a meal isn’t exactly considered a meal without the presence of rice.

Inherent nutrition in rice, however, may be eliminated because it has to undergo through a refined process. It is composed of various steps of which involves cleaning, sterilization, filtration, and milling, among the many. Regardless, rice still provides a number of health benefits through healthy consumption though.

Hence to answer the ever famous question of whether rice is good or bad — rice isn’t necessarily bad for the body. It only turns harmful once we gobble up huge portions beyond the recommended daily intake. As a matter of fact, it is actually rich in nutrients and brings about more advantages in comparison to other carbohydrates.

• Gives energy
Rice is packed with carbohydrates, which are reliable sources of energy. In our busy day-to-day activities, we need to ensure the body is getting all the energy it needs to function well in order to achieve maximum work productivity. The body also uses these energy to ward off potential diseases as well as maintain healthy biological processes. The next time you eat a meal without rice and end up feeling rather sluggish, you’ll know the reason why.

• Prevents gastrointestinal diseases
With the low fiber content in rice, it is then a healthy food option for people suffering from colitis, morning sickness, or diarrhea. Rice also contains low levels of sodium, which makes it beneficial for people with kidney diseases and even those with high blood pressure.

• Promotes muscle growth
Aside from carbohydrates, rice is also rich in essential amino acids. When it is served along with slices of meat, the meal is now ideal in terms of promoting proper muscle mass. Rice has enough protein content which is important for muscle growth and development. It also maintains lean body mass. This makes rice a good option for vegetarians and vegans who seek to develop their physique.

• Other benefits
Rice holds natural anti-inflammatory and mild diuretic properties, and it also serves as an aid for proper digestion. Rice meals are typically satiating — making us eat slower and increasing our chances of eating just the right amount. This promotes proper digestion, one of the basis of an accelerated metabolism.

Rice also contains other essential nutrients such as manganese, which supports the body’s immune system, and thiamine, which plays an important role in improving the cognitive processes of the brain.