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How to Spot Common Aircon Repair Service Scams

Just like with car mechanics, we often hear about homeowners getting conned by unscrupulous aircon servicing companies. It doesn’t stop there though, since these same scams are done to commercial establishments just as often. Some contractors will just do anything to swindle unsuspecting people, and there’s no better to way protect yourself and your investment than knowing the cheap tactics they’re using. With that in mind, we listed down some of the tactics that shady HVAC contractors in Singapore use to trick their customers.

Common Aircon Repair Service Scams

1. Replacing Parts That Don’t Need Replacing

Telling you that a certain part needs to be replaced when in fact it doesn’t is perhaps the most common way that some aircon repair technicians use to swindle money from their clients. An even bigger red flag is when the contractor informs you that your air conditioning has several faulty parts that should be replaced. This is rarely the case though, since multiple parts of your A/C system might be malfunctioning because a certain piece of it broke.

Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself from this scam tactic by consulting other technicians about your issue. After all, you can’t be expected to know when a certain part of your air conditioning unit is no longer functioning well. Just make sure that you get opinions from contractors who work for reputable HVAC companies in Singapore.

2. Offering Too Good to be True HVAC Repair Services

While most aircon servicing companies give importance to serving their clients the best way they can, some service providers choose to cut corners to get ahead and make easy money. Some of the known ways that they use to accomplish this is offering repair services that are too good to be true and deluding their clients into purchasing something they never really intend to buy.

This can be easily avoided though, if you just keep a healthy suspicion of all the “free” services or deals that seem too good to be true. Also, make sure that you ask your technician for a written agreement so that you have a legal recourse should your prospective aircon maintenance contractor mislead or trick you.

3. Making You Purchase an Oversized Air Conditioning Unit

Another common scam done by some contractors unlike the Singapore aircon master is making you buy an air conditioning unit that’s bigger than what you really need. These HVAC companies in Singapore will insist the biggest A/C system that they have on you without any regard to the size of the establishment it’ll be installed on.

Although it seems like it can do an excellent job in cooling your place, keep in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioning units. An oversized A/C system costs more to purchase and install, and it’s significantly costlier to operate over time. The most ideal way to avoid this cheap tactic is to ask for the formula the company used to calculate the size and load of the air conditioning unit. Getting a second opinion about whether or not a particular unit is worth purchasing is also a good way to avoid getting tricked by dishonest contractors.

4. Overpricing of Products and Services

Overpricing air conditioning unit services and products is another trick that some technicians use to swindle more money from their clients. While this is a tactic that isn’t practiced as often (since facility managers are often aware of actual pricing), there are still some unscrupulous contractors who manage to overcharge the services they’re offering.

The good thing is you can keep yourself safe from this scam by simply doing a little research. You can call another aircon servicing company and check what their quotes are. If you want, you can also inform them about the other contractor’s quote and ask their opinion about the services and fees stated in it – whether it’s a legitimate estimate or a tactic to swindle more money from you.

5. Asking for a Full Payment Prior to the Project

While some technicians may require a down payment to get the project started, there is no reputable HVAC company in Singapore asks for a full payment before providing any service to their clients. If a technician asks you to pay in full even before he starts doing the job, expect that he’ll take the money and leave the job behind. After all, there’s no reason for an A/C repair technician to use this policy unless he’s trying to get away with something.

Signs of an Aircon Repair Service Scam

Unsolicited Repair Service: One good sign that you’re being scammed by your technician is if he attempts to give you some unsolicited service. This is a cheap trick designed to have you agree to something when you’re feeling cornered and stressed.

Unlicensed Service Provider: A technician needs to credited and licensed to legally perform an aircon repair or maintenance. Any reputable contractor would be happy to show you proofs of their license or certifications, so be sure to see these important documents before signing up for the services of a particular service provider.

Lack of Communication: Every part of the service should be made clear between you and your technician. This means easy to understand paperwork and a service provider willing to answer all your queries. If these things are explained vaguely, then it’d be best to be cautious of your technician.

Cash-Only Transactions: Cash-only policies are no longer used since there are already a lot of acceptable mode of payments these days. With that in mind, be wary of technicians who tell you that they only do cash-only transactions – and be extra cautious with up-front payment schemes.

Educating yourself is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from all the cheap tactics employed by some aircon servicing companies. So make sure that you keep these details in mind to protect not just yourself, but your investment as well.

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