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5 Reasons to Seek Help from a Psychologist

Consulting a psychologist is ideal not only for someone who’s had a ‘nervous mental breakdown’. In fact, there are several reasons to see a psychologist today. While there is still the stigma equated with seeking psychological help to being branded as ‘crazy’ or ‘delusional’, it’s time to shed light on the importance of mental health and correct the misinformed.


If you feel vaguely dissatisfied with your life but you don’t know why, seeking a psychologist in Singapore might help you get a clear sense of what the problem is. In a typical session, you will be asked questions which are constructed to help define the problem. Once the problem is defined, you are likely able to proceed on your own in defining and solving vague problems.

However, not all problems can be solved within the blink of an eye. For instance, married couples who are undergoing some time off can’t expect for their relationship to be mended in just one session. Relationship counselling at a in Singapore can only do so much. It is often up to the couples on how they can resolve their problems and issues, and a psychologist’s counselling can only help them achieve that.

Distracting the symptoms away

Oftentimes, people feel the need to resort to temporary distractions to ‘get rid’ of the symptoms even just for a while. Some drown themselves with work, binge-watch a TV series, feed their sexual drives, or take substances (like excessive comfort food, alcohol or drugs).

In the case of couples, many think that frequent bickering is all part of marriage, when in fact each side has come to resent the other and that they already need marriage counselling. In the case of children, parents may simply think that a problematic child will “grow out of it” instead of getting the professional advice of a child psychologist. While these things offer temporary relief, they are also notorious for causing more problems.

The genuine solution to get to the bottom of it all is to seek help from a recommended psychologist. It’s better to face up to the truth of your life than to continue dodging it. Pretending your problems doesn’t exist may only cause the problems to degenerate further.

Reasons to seek psychological help

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is often mistaken as simple fear. To paint a clear picture, imagine sitting in a room and suddenly a large, carnivorous alligator appears through the door. There is a good reason to be afraid knowing that the animal is an actual threat to your safety. However, if you find yourself always worried that an alligator may crawl into the room anytime (even if there’s no alligator in sight), what you’re feeling is anxiety.

Having anxiety is a burden because you waste a lot of time and energy worrying over imaginary threats. You end up worrying over things that may – though not necessarily – will happen. Anxiety is psychologically rooted from childhood experiences that lack guidance and clear explanations from critical or abusive parents. As a result, children grow up dreading unknown circumstances and hate dealing with unpredictable aspects.

One reason a psychologist commonly find behind most relationship counselling cases is anxiety. Partners are inclined to feel like their other half is cheating on them most of the time, so they grow meticulous and vigilant over the littlest things in their relationship.

2. Depression

We all have our fair share of feeling “down” or “under the weather”. Although these distressing times usually pass, someone with depression deal with the excruciating psychological symptoms for longer periods of time. Major depression requires necessary treatment from any psychologist. Without going to a psychology center, months can be quite difficult to deal with for someone who is depressed. Family and work life can be seriously affected and there’s also high risks of self-mutilation.

Note that if one party of a couple is depressed, it often needs the whole couple to undergo marriage counselling to find a permanent solution. Take note also that people afflicted with depression are getting younger and younger, which means some kids—who you may think won’t have any good reason to be depressed—could fall into depression. If you see signs of adult depression in your children, it’s best to see a child psychologist.

There are scientific findings behind why depression exists. For one, it may be triggered by elevated TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels from a hypothyroid disorder. Another reason may also be vitamin deficiencies, like the lack of sufficient Vitamin D in the body. Lifestyle changes are typically advised in efforts of reducing depression —such as brisk exercise, reduction in caffeine intake, management of negative thoughts, and stress and anger management.

3. Addictions

One’s unhealthy addictions are also reasons to go to a psychology center. Substance abuse, in particular, indicates a serious growing problem in someone. It can lead to significant impairment or distress characterized by: failure to fulfill major role obligations, recurrent substance use in physically hazardous situations, and substance-related legal problems.

Alcohol abuse is one of the common factors in seeking help from relationship counselling. When a partner is alcoholic, one who consumes way beyond the acceptable amount of alcohol intake on the daily, it can often lead to problems in the relationship and even domestic violence. As a result, it has been the notorious cause of severed ties among several couples in SG.

4. Wellness

A lot of people now focus on the concept of wellness. This maintains the idea that one’s health and well-being can be actively maintained despite heavy work schedules and stress-filled deadlines to work upon. Seeking psychological help can enable you to learn how to maintain this focus. Talking it out with a psychologist in Singapore is a good way to vent if you just want to get rid of the negativity shrouding your life.

While it’s easy to get swayed by the stress of the daily life, your health should still be your utmost priority. Remember that no amount of stipend can give you the kind of contentment a sound mind and body offer. Some couples who already have a healthy relationship may also consider undergoing marriage counselling to further improve their relationship.

5. Stress management

Modern life is now demanding and fast-paced, hence it’s not a surprise to see how we all need relaxation techniques from time to time. At some point in our lives, we’ve come to the realization that we all need an ‘escape’ from a bad day or a terrible week. Though we can rely on tranquilizers to soothe our mind and breathing, seeking help from the best psychologist you can find is also one foolproof way to cope. The art of venting all your frustrations can help manage the excessive stress of daily life.

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