Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a Pet

Adopting a pet requires a much bigger responsibility than you think. However, many people make impulsive buys and decisions, and adopt a pet only to leave them on the streets when the interest fades away. The pet that’s left behind might refuse to eat street foods or fail to adapt to its new environment, and eventually die. This is why we find it essential to ask yourself these five questions if you’re planning to adopt a new companion at home.

1. Do I have sustainable income?
Adopting a pet means more expense, since you will have to provide for its food and other needs. Pets require constant care and attention. If you can’t afford its needs, perhaps it would best not to even think about adopting one at all.

2. Is everyone in the house okay with having a pet?
If you’re living alone, good for you; you have no one to consider if you’re planning to get a dog. However, if you’re living with your family or a housemate, you may want to consider them before getting a new pet. Check for allergy possibilities and personal preferences. If there’s someone in the house with allergy or just don’t want animals around, your pet may end up feeling unwanted and miserable.

3. How often do I stay at home?
Most younger animals don’t do well being always alone by themselves. Most of them try to escape, keep barking o become destructive. Older animals, on the other hand, are more settled and happy to sleep the entire day until you’re back from work.

4. Am I patient enough?
Are you prepared to clean up lots of accidents and okay with the possibility of broken and damaged furniture due to hyperactive pets? The common age dogs are surrendered to public pet facilities is between six and 18 months, when they are at their adolescent and hyperactive stage. Adopting an older dog would be much lesser hassle than adopting younger ones.

5. What changes do I expect in the future?
Regardless of the type of pet you will get, you will be on a multi-year commitment. It is important that your lifestyle in the next 5, 10 or 15 years will be just as pet-friendly as today.

Getting a new furry companion to have at home requires some serious thought. Objectively consider your situation, and whether your lifestyle would better suit a younger or an older pet.