How to be Responsible Over Your Alcohol Intake

Teenagers and adults alike love to grab a cold drink once in a while. Bars in Singapore, for one, are always bustling with enthusiastic people especially when the weekend is near. It’s one way to reward oneself after a week’s worth of hard work, and not to mention, most social occasions also involve the presence of alcohol. However, it is important to note that alcohol isn’t ideal for everyone. There are certain cases where people are prohibited or discouraged from consuming too much alcoholic drinks, especially when their health is involved.

There is a different amount of recommended alcohol intake for every person. With that, it is important to always take into consideration how you can control your urges and avoid drinking beyond what is ideal. Keep in mind that to drink is a personal choice. The decision is entirely yours to make, hence it is crucial to wisely deliberate over it.

On handling issues involving alcoholic drinks, there are some guidelines you can adhere to in order to limit your intake depending on only how much your body can handle. Did you know that one way of being responsible over your alcohol intake is learning when to say No?

Figure where you stand on the issue of alcohol
Whether you like it or not, you shouldn’t be forced to fake it and be giddy over alcohol or indifferent towards it when you’re not. Stay true to yourself. If you dislike alcohol, then controlling yourself not to go overboard will be a piece of cake. This doesn’t mean you should worry if you’re an avid alcohol lover though, you’re good as long as you know your limits.

Don’t be swayed by peer pressure
Since drinking can become a social activity, there are instances where you’ll be forced to drink such as during rounds of drinking games. Regardless, you shouldn’t allow peer pressure to lure you in any further when you can’t handle it anymore. Do not make impulsive decisions without thinking over the potential consequences you may suffer. Learn how to say no!

Explain your situation, if necessary
If you are around people you feel comfortable with, simply explaining your situation will give them the idea as to why you’re consuming less alcohol. Chances are they’ll be more understanding and considerate, and they might even stop bugging you to take that next shot. You don’t have to go into further details. The mere knowledge of your complex cardiac condition will give them the idea that too much alcohol won’t be good for you.

Big crowd perks
Ah, the perks of drinking with a big crowd! Not only will the place be instantly livelier and easily filled with chattering noise, but there is also the likelihood nobody will really notice if you’re not drinking. Simply having a lemonade drink or cola will make people assume you’ve thrown gin or vodka in there as well.