Eat Clean: 4 Restaurants for Healthy Dining in Singapore

Nowadays, people are more attentive to their health and know that eating right helps manage their diet. The only thing that could be holding many of us back is that healthy dishes aren’t as sumptuous as their ‘sinful’ counterparts.

Fortunately, a large number of healthy dining hubs in Singapore have proved us that clean eating doesn’t always have to be associated with bland-tasting dishes. You can experience yourself the life-changing powers of today’s culinary innovations by dining to one (or all!) of these healthy food restaurants and cafes.

Ninja Cut

Launched in October of 2016, this dining place is the sister outlet of Ninja Bowl. The restaurant offers choices of protein-rich bowls that will surely fill you up without busting your calorie limit. If you happen to drop by, try What’s Your Beef (S$18)—a bowl of slow-roasted Australian rib-eye, sautéed mushrooms, grilled corn, onsen egg, honey-glazed carrots and browned garlic shrimps. More nutritious options include Cajun-spiced chicken breast, tuna tataki and yuzu-marinated salmon.

Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar

This restaurant offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. Infusing healthy cooking methods, such as steaming, baking and roasting into their creative recipes, Onaka can surely make your dish healthy and tasty. At S$28, you can pick a set meal of your choice by choosing your own entree, main dish and dessert. That’s relatively cheap for a meal you won’t feel guilty of indulging into.

The Living Cafe

Although there’s no shortage of healthy dining places in the city, Singapore has nothing quite The Living Cafe: a health shop, one-stop cafe and a lifestyle-improvement hub. You will be surprised of their extensive food menu, which proves that healthy eating doesn’t have to be limited in terms of recipe choices and flavours. You can enjoy taco boats loaded with mango salsa, guacamole and meatballs! You can even indulge on burgers without the guilt afterwards. And while you’re there, don’t skip checking out the retail store on the second floor to stock up on some healthy snacks.

Kitchen by Food Rebel

Founded by well-renowned health coach Elika Mather, this restaurant provides specially curated dishes for healthier eating. Everything in this health cafe is made from scratch, including the salad dressings and food sauces. You can’t go wrong by getting one of their sought-after Buddha bowls. The one with sweet potato and chickpeas comes with quinoa, beetroot hummus and a generous dollop of blended avocado and tofu, drizzled with home-made tahini dressing.

Whether you want a break from all the hawker goodness or you’re trying to manage your weight by eating clean, these dining places are sure to hit your health goals.