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5 Signs Your Kid is Ready for School

Determining whether your child is ready for school can be tricky. A child’s success—or failure—in adapting to his environment at school has the potential to shape his social, emotional and educational futures. As such, it’s important that your little one is at the appropriate stage to successfully adjust during this important transition in his early years.

To help determine whether your kid is ready for primary school, here are the signs to look out for:

1. Communicate and Listen Well
Communication is the key to successful relationships. It will be easier for your kid to make friends and convey his thoughts and feelings to his teachers if he can communicate well. Likewise, attentive listening is also crucial for your child’s development in school. Listening improves your child’s communications as he learns new words.

2. Follow Simple Instructions
Perhaps, you are lucky that your little angel follows your every instruction. However, in reality, most children do not behave all the time and do not follow what they’re told. But it’s important that your child is able to listen to his teacher and follows instructions given to him, so there’ll be no problem in school.

3. Show Interest in Learning
He doesn’t have to be as smart as little Einstein, but it is a good sign to see that your child is stimulated to learning when listening to stories or watching educational shows. When your kid appears inquisitive about a certain topic or lesson, it could be because he wants more information and to learn more about it.

4. Get Along Well With Peers
As your child grows, he will likely notice and realize that the world does not revolve around him. Your little one should be able to connect with others to thrive in a group. Notice how he acts in the presence of the people he’s not familiar with—how he connects with children he don’t know, how he approaches them or how he gets comfortable in a group.

5. Physically Ready
Commonly, parents focus on the intellectual domain when determining whether or not their child is ready for school. However, the physical domain is just as important to watch out for. Notice your child’s physical capabilities and fine motor skills. It can be hard to play with other kids if your child is having difficulty in running, jumping and climbing. Check to see how your kid scribbles, paints and uses scissors for his fine motor skills, which is crucial for learning how to write.

These are just some of the signs to help determine if your child is ready to go to school. If you find these signs in your child, it might be the right time to start broadening his academic and social horizons.

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