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Why You Should Add Morning Reading to Your Routine

Morning routines are gaining some popularity these days. We just love talking about how we start our day on the right foot, whether it’s by preparing a big breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee. Regardless of how you want your day to start, it’d certainly be beneficial for you to include reading a book in your morning routine. With that in mind, we listed down how reading in the morning gives your productivity a boost.

1. You’ll Enjoy a Real Break
Reading a book every morning allows you to have an actual break from all the office gossip, project deadlines and your other work stuff. After all, it’s undoubtedly relaxing to chill out as soon as you wake up. You can also think of it this way: what activity will help you relax? Is it scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and wondering why other people’s lives seem a lot better than yours? Or is it by picking a novel your friend is raving about? Well, the answer is quite obvious.

2. You’ll Become Inspired
If you start you day by reading a non-fiction book, then there’s a good chance that you’ll feel driven throughout the day – bonus points if you read something business-related or a book about your chosen industry. If you have a hectic schedule, simply set your alarm an hour earlier so you’ll have enough time to enjoy such an inspiring activity.

3. You Get to Meditate
It’s possible to meditate in various ways – even just sitting by yourself and focusing on something that doesn’t involve technology can be counted as a kind of meditation. Just think of reading as yoga for your mind, and see how it changes your entire day. Don’t feel guilty about doing this activity since you deserve to take some time off your day to chill out and calm down.

4. You’ll Have More Me-Time
Adding reading to your routine guarantees that you’ll have some me time even before the day really begins. Having more time for yourself can do wonders for your productivity since you will no longer resent your workload. You’ll feel like you already had enough rest and can get back to work with no problem at all.

5. You’ll Have Enough Time to Think
It’s quite easy to get lost in your thoughts during busy days. But if you practise reading every morning, you give yourself some real time to think. Yes, you’ll focus on the story, but your brain will definitely wander if you’ve got something on your mind. By the end of your reading sessions, you’ve already worked out your issues and you’re already prepared to face another productive day yet.

Apart from providing entertainment, reading also helps in improving your well-being and your outlook about work and life in general. So start a reading session now, and see how it’ll change your life for the better.

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