Best Ways to Glam Up Your Plain, Boring Shirt

During the mornings when your alarm failed to work or you got stuck dreaming about your next vacation, all that you can do is rush to get to the door so you won’t be late for work or school. This situation leaves you with little time to mix and match your outfits, forcing you to go with the easiest clothing piece to wear – your good old T-shirt. Nonetheless, a plain shirt – no matter what colour – can still be turned into something fancy if you just apply the following tricks:

1. Accessorize With a Statement Necklace
By wearing an attractive necklace, you can already divert people’s attention from the monotony and plainness of your shirt. Just make sure that you choose a statement necklace that complements or matches the shirt you’re planning to wear.

2. Wear a Bold-Coloured Scarf
Other than wearing a statement necklace, you can also tie a bold-coloured scarf around your neck or let it drape over your shoulders. Whichever way you wear it, it’ll definitely add some glamour to your boring, plain shirt. Plus, a coloured and nicely patterned scarf can also help you feel warmer when it’s cold outside.

3. Sport a Nice Watch or Bracelets
Draw attention to your arms instead of your shirt by wearing your favourite watch or stacking up your bold-coloured bracelets. Wearing either of these pieces will give people the impression that you weren’t that lazy to just sport a shirt, since you still had enough time to accessorize your arm.

4. Put On a Cardigan or Blazer
Make your shirt appear more coordinated by covering it up with a cardigan or a blazer. This’ll help you add dimension to your shirt, while achieving a more formal look. If you want to make your ensemble appear less formal, opt for a patterned cardigan than a solid coloured one instead. But whatever you choose to wear, blazers and cardigans are a definite must-have to make your plain shirt seem less casual.

5. Apply a Bright Lipstick
Wearing a bright lipstick is another way of perking up your plain outfit. Just ensure that your chosen shade doesn’t clash with your shirt colour. Simply think of a bold brown or red lippie worn with a plain black shirt, or a dark pink shade worn with a plain white tee. Both these shades just scream “supermodel”.

Whichever way you choose to spruce up your shirt, what matter is how confident you are in wearing it. If you feel like questioning your outfit decision, then other people will likely question it too. So be confident and just own your good old shirt.