Taking Up These 6 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter

Hobbies are not just a fun way to kill the time. According to science, creative pastimes like photography, knitting and cooking can also boost your performance at work. By choosing the right hobby, you will also be boosting your brainpower as you while away your weekends. Here are some activities worth trying to bump your mental prowess up a notch.

1. Reading
Escapism is a vital part of reading. And the feeling of leaving your own worries and entering a dream-like horizon to mind someone else’s is a way to relax while at the same time allowing your brain to work. From biographies and anthologies to fictions and graphic novels, reading helps diminish stress and allows you to experience different emotions and ways to deal with them. Plus, knowledge is power; the more you read the more wisdom you’ll discover.

2. Travelling
Travelling is expensive, but it doesn’t always have to be. Whether you go across the world or just to the next city, you will always learn something new. While it can be stressful sometimes, travelling gets rid of strain and forces it to focus on things that you wouldn’t typically do. It helps your brain’s functionalities and problem-solving abilities that go far beyond your everyday activities.

3. Playing an Instrument
Playing the guitar isn’t just a pastime; it is also a brain workout that exercises your cognitive control and supervisory system. Moreover, listening to music improves your memory capacity, as well as helps you appreciate cultural diversity. While it can be challenging to learn how to play an instrument, it’s a fun and fulfilling exercise that can lead to better productivity.

4. Meditation
One of the simplest indoor hobbies to practice is the art of meditation. It doesn’t only keep you healthy, but also helps boost concentration. Also, meditation helps eliminate depression, stress and anxiety. All these benefits, in turn, help improve overall productivity.

5. Embroidery
Embroidery is meditative in nature, too. There are many people who find pleasure in embroidering anything possible, be it a quote or their favourite cartoon character. This hobby boosts the creativity in you, as you try to give old clothes a new look.

6. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is a full-body workout. This hobby doesn’t only let you maintain physical fitness and cognitive skills, but also provides many psychological and emotional benefits. Rock climbing promotes goal-setting and improves perseverance and confidence in you.

Leave the comfort of your sofa, and push yourself to the limit by finding meaningful hobbies that add value to your life. Find fun and creative hobbies that improve your body and mind, so that you’ll live happier and more productive life. Take any of the six hobbies mentioned above, and then see how much healthier and more productive you can be.