Cooking Steak Made Easy

Don’t you just love steaks? Maybe you’re having a family reunion or just another gathering with your friends or maybe even just a night with your special someone, steak would be a perfect meal to serve! The question is, how do you make a perfect steak?

What Makes Steak Special
Steak is a unique food as making it is more concerned with the technical way of cooking rather than the ingredients used. Of course the ingredients are important but a steak has to be cooked perfectly. Either medium-rare, rare, or even well done, there are a lot of different ways to cook a decent steak.

Depending on the type of meat you choose to use, the procedure of cooking your steak may differ. The size of your steak is also very important. There are also many different types of steak and a lot of different ways to cook them but what we will discuss is how to cook a basic porterhouse steak.

For Starters: The Porterhouse Steak
The porterhouse steak is one of the most popular steaks to cook and is rather easy compared to other steaks as it is an even mixture of meat and fat rendered together perfectly. The condition of this steak is very important before you actually cook it. Making sure your steak is relaxed and at room temperature is very important because if it is too cold, your steak will not be cooked in the middle while if it is too hot, the juices won’t be able to retain inside your steak which would be quite a waste of a good steak.

A simple seasoning around your steak is important but do not overdo this as you do not want to ruin the natural goodness of the steak itself. Applying salt and pepper is a must to almost every dish and steak is not an exception. Using herbs with your steak are just fine but you must definitely pick the perfect herbs and try not to mix too much flavors as once again, it might ruin the natural taste of a good steak.

The Easiest Way to Cook Steak
There are many ways to cook a good steak but the easiest way to cook your steak is pan fried as it does not require a grill plus you have absolute control over the temperature. A lot of good chefs like to play with temperature and not just timing as they are cooking a good steak.

They frequently adjust the temperature to get the right amount of crust outside of the steak and retain the juicy tenderness of the steak within. Alternating your steak is important as you are expected to have an even cook on both sides for the juice to be pushed and retained in the center. You can never go wrong with a good steak!

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5 Reasons to Seek Help from a Psychologist

Consulting a psychologist is ideal not only for someone who’s had a ‘nervous mental breakdown’. In fact, there are several reasons to see a psychologist today. While there is still the stigma equated with seeking psychological help to being branded as ‘crazy’ or ‘delusional’, it’s time to shed light on the importance of mental health and correct the misinformed.


If you feel vaguely dissatisfied with your life but you don’t know why, seeking a psychologist in Singapore might help you get a clear sense of what the problem is. In a typical session, you will be asked questions which are constructed to help define the problem. Once the problem is defined, you are likely able to proceed on your own in defining and solving vague problems.

However, not all problems can be solved within the blink of an eye. For instance, married couples who are undergoing some time off can’t expect for their relationship to be mended in just one session. Relationship counselling at a in Singapore can only do so much. It is often up to the couples on how they can resolve their problems and issues, and a psychologist’s counselling can only help them achieve that.

Distracting the symptoms away

Oftentimes, people feel the need to resort to temporary distractions to ‘get rid’ of the symptoms even just for a while. Some drown themselves with work, binge-watch a TV series, feed their sexual drives, or take substances (like excessive comfort food, alcohol or drugs).

In the case of couples, many think that frequent bickering is all part of marriage, when in fact each side has come to resent the other and that they already need marriage counselling. In the case of children, parents may simply think that a problematic child will “grow out of it” instead of getting the professional advice of a child psychologist. While these things offer temporary relief, they are also notorious for causing more problems.

The genuine solution to get to the bottom of it all is to seek help from a recommended psychologist. It’s better to face up to the truth of your life than to continue dodging it. Pretending your problems doesn’t exist may only cause the problems to degenerate further.

Reasons to seek psychological help

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is often mistaken as simple fear. To paint a clear picture, imagine sitting in a room and suddenly a large, carnivorous alligator appears through the door. There is a good reason to be afraid knowing that the animal is an actual threat to your safety. However, if you find yourself always worried that an alligator may crawl into the room anytime (even if there’s no alligator in sight), what you’re feeling is anxiety.

Having anxiety is a burden because you waste a lot of time and energy worrying over imaginary threats. You end up worrying over things that may – though not necessarily – will happen. Anxiety is psychologically rooted from childhood experiences that lack guidance and clear explanations from critical or abusive parents. As a result, children grow up dreading unknown circumstances and hate dealing with unpredictable aspects.

One reason a psychologist commonly find behind most relationship counselling cases is anxiety. Partners are inclined to feel like their other half is cheating on them most of the time, so they grow meticulous and vigilant over the littlest things in their relationship.

2. Depression

We all have our fair share of feeling “down” or “under the weather”. Although these distressing times usually pass, someone with depression deal with the excruciating psychological symptoms for longer periods of time. Major depression requires necessary treatment from any psychologist. Without going to a psychology center, months can be quite difficult to deal with for someone who is depressed. Family and work life can be seriously affected and there’s also high risks of self-mutilation.

Note that if one party of a couple is depressed, it often needs the whole couple to undergo marriage counselling to find a permanent solution. Take note also that people afflicted with depression are getting younger and younger, which means some kids—who you may think won’t have any good reason to be depressed—could fall into depression. If you see signs of adult depression in your children, it’s best to see a child psychologist.

There are scientific findings behind why depression exists. For one, it may be triggered by elevated TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) levels from a hypothyroid disorder. Another reason may also be vitamin deficiencies, like the lack of sufficient Vitamin D in the body. Lifestyle changes are typically advised in efforts of reducing depression —such as brisk exercise, reduction in caffeine intake, management of negative thoughts, and stress and anger management.

3. Addictions

One’s unhealthy addictions are also reasons to go to a psychology center. Substance abuse, in particular, indicates a serious growing problem in someone. It can lead to significant impairment or distress characterized by: failure to fulfill major role obligations, recurrent substance use in physically hazardous situations, and substance-related legal problems.

Alcohol abuse is one of the common factors in seeking help from relationship counselling. When a partner is alcoholic, one who consumes way beyond the acceptable amount of alcohol intake on the daily, it can often lead to problems in the relationship and even domestic violence. As a result, it has been the notorious cause of severed ties among several couples in SG.

4. Wellness

A lot of people now focus on the concept of wellness. This maintains the idea that one’s health and well-being can be actively maintained despite heavy work schedules and stress-filled deadlines to work upon. Seeking psychological help can enable you to learn how to maintain this focus. Talking it out with a psychologist in Singapore is a good way to vent if you just want to get rid of the negativity shrouding your life.

While it’s easy to get swayed by the stress of the daily life, your health should still be your utmost priority. Remember that no amount of stipend can give you the kind of contentment a sound mind and body offer. Some couples who already have a healthy relationship may also consider undergoing marriage counselling to further improve their relationship.

5. Stress management

Modern life is now demanding and fast-paced, hence it’s not a surprise to see how we all need relaxation techniques from time to time. At some point in our lives, we’ve come to the realization that we all need an ‘escape’ from a bad day or a terrible week. Though we can rely on tranquilizers to soothe our mind and breathing, seeking help from the best psychologist you can find is also one foolproof way to cope. The art of venting all your frustrations can help manage the excessive stress of daily life.

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How to Spot Common Aircon Repair Service Scams

Just like with car mechanics, we often hear about homeowners getting conned by unscrupulous aircon servicing companies. It doesn’t stop there though, since these same scams are done to commercial establishments just as often. Some contractors will just do anything to swindle unsuspecting people, and there’s no better to way protect yourself and your investment than knowing the cheap tactics they’re using. With that in mind, we listed down some of the tactics that shady HVAC contractors in Singapore use to trick their customers.

Common Aircon Repair Service Scams

1. Replacing Parts That Don’t Need Replacing

Telling you that a certain part needs to be replaced when in fact it doesn’t is perhaps the most common way that some aircon repair technicians use to swindle money from their clients. An even bigger red flag is when the contractor informs you that your air conditioning has several faulty parts that should be replaced. This is rarely the case though, since multiple parts of your A/C system might be malfunctioning because a certain piece of it broke.

Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself from this scam tactic by consulting other technicians about your issue. After all, you can’t be expected to know when a certain part of your air conditioning unit is no longer functioning well. Just make sure that you get opinions from contractors who work for reputable HVAC companies in Singapore.

2. Offering Too Good to be True HVAC Repair Services

While most aircon servicing companies give importance to serving their clients the best way they can, some service providers choose to cut corners to get ahead and make easy money. Some of the known ways that they use to accomplish this is offering repair services that are too good to be true and deluding their clients into purchasing something they never really intend to buy.

This can be easily avoided though, if you just keep a healthy suspicion of all the “free” services or deals that seem too good to be true. Also, make sure that you ask your technician for a written agreement so that you have a legal recourse should your prospective aircon maintenance contractor mislead or trick you.

3. Making You Purchase an Oversized Air Conditioning Unit

Another common scam done by some contractors unlike the Singapore aircon master is making you buy an air conditioning unit that’s bigger than what you really need. These HVAC companies in Singapore will insist the biggest A/C system that they have on you without any regard to the size of the establishment it’ll be installed on.

Although it seems like it can do an excellent job in cooling your place, keep in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioning units. An oversized A/C system costs more to purchase and install, and it’s significantly costlier to operate over time. The most ideal way to avoid this cheap tactic is to ask for the formula the company used to calculate the size and load of the air conditioning unit. Getting a second opinion about whether or not a particular unit is worth purchasing is also a good way to avoid getting tricked by dishonest contractors.

4. Overpricing of Products and Services

Overpricing air conditioning unit services and products is another trick that some technicians use to swindle more money from their clients. While this is a tactic that isn’t practiced as often (since facility managers are often aware of actual pricing), there are still some unscrupulous contractors who manage to overcharge the services they’re offering.

The good thing is you can keep yourself safe from this scam by simply doing a little research. You can call another aircon servicing company and check what their quotes are. If you want, you can also inform them about the other contractor’s quote and ask their opinion about the services and fees stated in it – whether it’s a legitimate estimate or a tactic to swindle more money from you.

5. Asking for a Full Payment Prior to the Project

While some technicians may require a down payment to get the project started, there is no reputable HVAC company in Singapore asks for a full payment before providing any service to their clients. If a technician asks you to pay in full even before he starts doing the job, expect that he’ll take the money and leave the job behind. After all, there’s no reason for an A/C repair technician to use this policy unless he’s trying to get away with something.

Signs of an Aircon Repair Service Scam

Unsolicited Repair Service: One good sign that you’re being scammed by your technician is if he attempts to give you some unsolicited service. This is a cheap trick designed to have you agree to something when you’re feeling cornered and stressed.

Unlicensed Service Provider: A technician needs to credited and licensed to legally perform an aircon repair or maintenance. Any reputable contractor would be happy to show you proofs of their license or certifications, so be sure to see these important documents before signing up for the services of a particular service provider.

Lack of Communication: Every part of the service should be made clear between you and your technician. This means easy to understand paperwork and a service provider willing to answer all your queries. If these things are explained vaguely, then it’d be best to be cautious of your technician.

Cash-Only Transactions: Cash-only policies are no longer used since there are already a lot of acceptable mode of payments these days. With that in mind, be wary of technicians who tell you that they only do cash-only transactions – and be extra cautious with up-front payment schemes.

Educating yourself is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from all the cheap tactics employed by some aircon servicing companies. So make sure that you keep these details in mind to protect not just yourself, but your investment as well.

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The Advantages of Having Estate Management in Singapore

When you have a property for lease, the task of handling and maintaining the daily activities can be tedious especially if you own other real estate and businesses in Singapore. Hiring estate maintenance might sound like a fancy and expensive move, but it is essential for landowners who cannot keep with various demands such as the collection of monthly rental payments, maintenance of properties, searching for tenants to occupy the units for lease, and the grounds upkeep.

These are the least of your worries, however, because owners who seek more income from properties also have to handle paperwork.

Property Ownership Laws

If you wish to own more properties in Singapore, you have to familiarize yourself with estate maintenance and the laws of property ownership, particularly the laws that cover the purchase of commercial and residential properties. These are detailed in the Residential Property Act or RPA, the Sale of Commercial Properties Act, and the Housing Developers Act.

A managing agent from in Singapore can act as your partner and liaison when you purchase land or residential property in Singapore. He or she can also help you understand the rights and restrictions defined by these Acts, such as the acquisition of flats in a non-landed house, units sold in the executive condominium scheme, and units approved in a condominium building. Your condo manager will also be able to arrange all the necessary paperwork and other requirements when searching and screening for prospective tenants.

When developing and selling property, the Housing Developers Act says that selling of four or more units should be done by a housing developer. Your managing agent in Singapore can make the arrangements for you without worrying if you have satisfied all the requirements and he/she even draw up the contracts in sale transactions for you. You will also need to get a certificate of fitness for occupation for commercial properties, a task that can also be simplified with the help of a property management company.

There are also procedures in buying property that must be observed, such as the completion of the form of direct agreement for sale, form for option to purchase from the vendor, and handling the booking fees and deposit payment. It is recommended to get legal advice whenever you’re buying property because you might lose your money if the vendor decided to forfeit the deposit you have paid or withdraw from the agreement. Property management can recommend a lawyer who will help you go over the terms of contract during negotiation to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Fees and Taxes for Property Buyers and Vendors

Your managing agent can help you arrange all the documents you will need for the following fees that you will be expecting when selling or buying properties:

    1. Agents’ Fees

    There are no fixed laws in Singapore that can serve as guide for paying a commission to agents. When there isn’t a fixed percentage of commission, some agents can charge for up to 3% of the price of purchase.

    2. Legal Fees

    You will need a lawyer when you’re about to finalize the purchase or the selling of the property. Some lawyers follow the guideline when asking for their quotation, but others charge based on the law firm’s reputation or the type of service rendered.

    3. Property Tax

    The tax is based on the calculated annual property value, which in turn is based on the annual rent.

The Legal Aspects in Facilities Management

It is the landowner’s responsibility to create safe, clean and functional units for the tenants, that is why the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act was written in 2004 to help owners understand their role better.

The Act details all the rights and restrictions of the landlord and the tenants, and the procedures and requirements for solving common issues that may arise, such as alteration and additional structures to lots; defective works in common property and buildings; inter-floor leaks; waterproofing warranty from the developer; misuse or enclosure of common properties; unsatisfactory management and maintenance; obtaining copies of documents from the management; social recreations and activities; maintenance charges; and the maintenance of the building and lifts.

It also explains the compulsory by-laws that management must observe and adopt. Other information included in the Act are key provisions that detail the maintenance contributions, significance of share values, management corporation, and the responsibilities and duties of the developer, the managing agent and council members.

If you don’t have time to study the different types of contract for example, your condo manager can arrange for all the requirements needed in service, tenancy, and rental of equipment agreements. During disputes, he or she can also assist you in understanding the law tort of negligence.

Property and building laws, legislations and regulations in facility management also require expertise that can be provided by your hired property management agency including giving legal advice regarding the Workplace Safety and Health Act, Environmental Protection and Management Act, and the Environment Public Health Act.

Distribution of Deceased’s Properties

Details of the inheritance laws and the distribution of your properties in case you are incapacitated or deceased can be provided by your estate management agency. If you own several properties, assets and business, it is important to set up preparations so that you can pass everything you have worked hard on to your loved ones without any hassle.

For estate planning, property management can help you understand the Trust Law in Singapore, the fiduciaries and fiduciary law, Muslim inheritance, discretionary living trust, and even the donation of your assets.

They can also guide you and your survivor when it comes to issues regarding the distribution of estate assets, such as; the execution of the will or what to do in absence of a will; contesting of a will; letters of administration; Inheritance Act in Singapore; application for a grant of probate; unaccounted residuary property; and access to bank accounts.

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The History and Science of Foot Reflexology

One therapeutic approach to relieving pain is reflexology — which is performed by stimulating specific pressure points in the body. Hand and foot reflexology are among the most common forms of this method as there are maps of different pressure points located on the hands and feet, which reflexologists and other physical therapists work from.

These pressure points are directly linked with the body’s nervous system, actively affecting the glands and other body organs. There is an art behind reflexology; as renowned therapists must possess skilled hands. Specific approaches to reflexology therapy must be thoroughly followed to be able to manipulate the pressure points properly.

Reflexology can be then considered as a ‘touch’ therapy. With a mere application of pressure at specific locations within the hand or foot, any source of pain or potential frailty can be lifted away.

Early Beginnings

The origin of reflexology traces back to ancient times. Though not well-documented, there were early images found on a sixth dynasty Egyptian tomb dating back 2450 B.C. which depicts two men getting a massage on both their hands and feet. Since then, it is widely believed that the method began in Egypt before it was able to spread across the western world during the time of the Roman Empire conquests.

Other scholars were also able to establish findings linking reflexology back to ancient China, long before dynasties were established and plausibly as early as 3000 B.C; while others have traced it back to ancient Indian medicine of the Inca civilization. Because it is likely that the Inca people followed the theories of reflexology, they might have passed on the method to the Native Americans who eventually settled in the United States.

Today, hand and foot reflexology remains one of the most popular natural approaches to address common health problems like pain and fatigue. The practice has significantly grown all across the globe — from Brazil to Singapore, thanks to the help it offers in easing anxiety, reducing headaches, and enhancing one’s general wellbeing.

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of theories explaining why reflexology works wonders. Benefits of foot reflexology has brought about a positive impact on the whole therapeutic approach, hence is why more and more people opt to have a quick reflexology session at in Singapore over the weekend or after a long day at work to relieve them of their stress.

But perhaps the most famous explanation behind its effectivity is that it helps release stress, and by doing so it allows the body to heal and regenerate tissues and cells.

Reflexology and the Nervous System

From a research conducted in the 1890s, it has been found out that there is a relationship existing between the nerves of the skin and the other internal organs, of which enables the entire nervous system to adjust to any stimulus.

This scientific finding prompted the explanation as to how every application of pressure done by a reflexologist sends a calming sensation, in form of a message, from the extremities of the peripheral nerves to the nervous system. The body then adjusts to the tension levels. Not only does the practice allow the body to relax, but it also enhances the functioning of the internal organs and their respective systems to their prime.

Reducing Stress and Improves Mood

How reflexology is able to relieve the body of pain is also believed to be because of the gate control theory, which has been recently termed as the neutromatrix theory of pain. The theory explains that pain is nothing but an abstract figment produced by the brain, which is no more than just a subjective experience.

The brain is capable of working independently of any sensory input, hence is why things that influence how we think such as our mood or other external factors can affect how we experience pain. With this theory, it explains why reflexology is effective in reducing pain by getting rid of stress and improving our over-all mood.

Some foot reflexology centers often give the therapeutic experience a boost by tapping the help of external factors. Foot reflexology in Singapore, for instance, plays soothing music and fills the space with gentle, uplifting aroma to compliment the best therapeutic session of your life.

Keeping “Vital Energy” Flowing

Another explanation incorporates the presence of a “vital energy” in the body. If no efforts are made to relieve or address stress, it often results to a congestion of the energy — causing inefficiencies in the body and even a number of possible illnesses.

Reflexology, however, helps keep the vital energy flowing in various parts of the body. This is because a couple of benefits of foot reflexology include encouraging a healthier flow of blood as well as stimulating various nerves in the body.

Zone Theory

The practice of reflexology heavily relies on an idea that our bodies are divided into 10 vertical zones, with each zone spanning from your fingers and toes up to the top of your head. The concept of zones are somehow similar to that of the meridians in Chinese medicine, but not entirely the same.

Reflexology believes that every valve, muscle, or organ that is situated within a particular zone can be accessed by applying pressure on a particular area on the feet or hands. By doing so, it taps the pathways existing between different pressure points and other parts of the body as they are previously described in this article as connected via the body’s central nervous system.

Revitalizing your health doesn’t have to be difficult. With Foot reflexology in Singapore made available in a number of centers, you can reward your body with a reflexology session and reap off the many benefits it provides. Allow your stress to be lifted away and your muscles to feel unburdened to feel rejuvenated once again. Your body will thank you later, that’s for sure!

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