Cooking Steak Made Easy

Don’t you just love steaks? Maybe you’re having a family reunion or just another gathering with your friends or maybe even just a night with your special someone, steak would be a perfect meal to serve! The question is, how do you make a perfect steak?

What Makes Steak Special
Steak is a unique food as making it is more concerned with the technical way of cooking rather than the ingredients used. Of course the ingredients are important but a steak has to be cooked perfectly. Either medium-rare, rare, or even well done, there are a lot of different ways to cook a decent steak.

Depending on the type of meat you choose to use, the procedure of cooking your steak may differ. The size of your steak is also very important. There are also many different types of steak and a lot of different ways to cook them but what we will discuss is how to cook a basic porterhouse steak.

For Starters: The Porterhouse Steak
The porterhouse steak is one of the most popular steaks to cook and is rather easy compared to other steaks as it is an even mixture of meat and fat rendered together perfectly. The condition of this steak is very important before you actually cook it. Making sure your steak is relaxed and at room temperature is very important because if it is too cold, your steak will not be cooked in the middle while if it is too hot, the juices won’t be able to retain inside your steak which would be quite a waste of a good steak.

A simple seasoning around your steak is important but do not overdo this as you do not want to ruin the natural goodness of the steak itself. Applying salt and pepper is a must to almost every dish and steak is not an exception. Using herbs with your steak are just fine but you must definitely pick the perfect herbs and try not to mix too much flavors as once again, it might ruin the natural taste of a good steak.

The Easiest Way to Cook Steak
There are many ways to cook a good steak but the easiest way to cook your steak is pan fried as it does not require a grill plus you have absolute control over the temperature. A lot of good chefs like to play with temperature and not just timing as they are cooking a good steak.

They frequently adjust the temperature to get the right amount of crust outside of the steak and retain the juicy tenderness of the steak within. Alternating your steak is important as you are expected to have an even cook on both sides for the juice to be pushed and retained in the center. You can never go wrong with a good steak!